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Space scenes with Space themed HRD background images

I lifted my Twinmotion lately in the Earth's Orbit and tested space themed background HDR images that I rendered in Blender.
Here in this tutorial I reveal the process how you can take your Twinmotion into the space. I will show what kind of problems arises and how they can be bypassed. I have produced a collection of different kind of HDR Background images for this and you can found them from my Gumroad marketplace.

In the Earth's Orbit - 10 HDRI Background collection in 8K:

Earth from Space - One FREE 8K HDRI Background image:

SketchFab 3D Models used in this tutorial:
"Discovery Space Shuttle" by rsatenza (
"International Space Station - ISS - 3D" by arnaudbanner (
"Walking Astronaut" by LeonardoLamKengyaik (
"Satellite - Draft XYZ Homework" by Andrey Borisov (