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Messages highlights our urge to optimistically reach someone but eventually it may not ever receive its destination. It is a story that reveals small and big requests that can be hidden, unnoticed or intentionally deleted - Something essential that we may have passed by - Something wishful that is floating through the history in a most peculiar way.

Messages is my First animated short film which is made with a Unreal game engine. I have used mostly the Twinmotion app which is a simpler editor of the main Unreal engine. But in those cases where the limitations of Twinmotion have been met, I have learned to use the actual engine. While it is more complex and challenging to use, there are superior animation tools inside the engine which makes the scenes became even finer. I only had to make up a small part of the animation inside the After Effects. Messages utilises the music driven method which I have developed for making this kind of montage short films.

Animated Short Film Messages.

Making of the Messages